Effective Manufacturing Planning
Who should attend?

The course will be of particular interest to engineers employed in the field of Industrial Engineering. This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Directors of production planning and inventory management
  • Plant managers
  • Value stream leaders
  • Master production scheduler
  • Production managers
  • Continuous improvement leaders

3 Days
Programme Overview
Learn how to achieve stable production schedules in conjunction with high as-promised delivery performance using demand and operations planning and a structured methodology to share and reconciled planning information. Elements and examples of MRP, high-level MRP and pull systems (kanban, Imaizumi, and synchronous flow boards) will be explained.
  •  Effective utilization of firms’ resources
  •  To achieve the production objectives with respect to quality, quantity, cost, and timeliness of delivery
  •  To obtain the uninterrupted production flow in order to meet customers' varied demands with respect to quality and     committed delivery schedule
  •  To help the company to supply good quality products to the customer on a continuous basis at competitive rates

This course leverages a variety of learning tools including individual exercises, group discussions, case studies and videos

Course Outline

Day 1

Business Planning

  • 3-5 Year Plans (Strategy Deployment)
  • Annual Operating Plans
  • Monthly Planning (SIOP)

 Demand (aka Sales) Planning

  • Static Demand
  • Forecasting Models
  • Mix/Volume Considerations
  • Booking Review Meeting

Operations (aka Supply or Production) Planning

  • Balancing Capacity, Lead time, and Inventory
  • Lot Size vs. Carrying Cost Exercise
  • Planning for Future Increases / Decreases in Demand
  • Make-To-Stock vs. Make-To-Order
  • Capacity Planning

Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP)

  • Participants’ Roles
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Top Questions to Answer
  • Information and Templates
  • Timeline for Success

Master Production Scheduling

  • Operations Plan vs MPS
  • Strategies for Different Environments
  • PFEP (Plan for Every Part)
  • Key Decision Considerations

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • MRP Structure
  • Inputs to MRP
  • Outputs of MRP
  • Overview of MRP II and EPR
  • First Time Order vs Repeat Order

Day 2

Understanding Inventory

  • Purpose of Inventory
  • Five Uses of Inventory
  • Inventory Costs
  • Inventory Strategies

Capacity Planning and Scheduling

  • Capacity Planning Levels
  • Capacity Requirement Planning Inputs
  • Resources Planning
  • Balancing Capacity and Load
  • Scheduling Techniques

Mainframe vs Visual Systems

  • Transaction Elimination
  • Backflushing
  • Utilising Spreadsheets
  • Valuing Inventory

Calculating Kanban Quantities

  • Steady Demand
  • Variable Demand

Day 3

Visual Workplace Tools for Production Management

  • Material Presentation Squares
  • Shop Order Priority Board
  • Synchronous Flow Board

Shop Floor Daily Communication Meetings

  • Elements for Daily Communications Meeting
  • Standard Work for Managers

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