Negotiation Skills - The Master Negotiator
Who should attend?
This is a program which is useful for all, however, most useful for individuals who are dealing with customers, vendors or setting up any kind of alliances for the organization.
5 Days
Programme Overview

Negotiating is an art form. To get what you want, you need to be aware of the other side’s objectives, seeking a mutually beneficial result. You must be able to decide on a goal, plan carefully, and apply key skills and tools to reach a successful outcome.

In this course, you will learn the essential strategies and techniques needed to guide negotiations from opening discussions through to a positive result. With discussion and hands-on training, you will leave with practical solutions to negotiating effectively. This course focuses on both improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all project-related communications, from initial planning through closure. It also examines best practices for identifying and engaging stakeholders, a critical component for a successful project. 

  •  Understand their strengths & weaknesses and how to reduce their weaknesses and improve their strengths
  •  Recognize a good & bad negotiation and be able to thoroughly explain why it was good or bad
  •  Prepare for every negotiation using a structured approach
  •  Identify which stage of the negotiation they are in, at any time during a negotiation
  •  Have improved confidence when negotiating
  •  Use a variety of tools to reduce deadlock, solve problems, and get their points across more effectively
This methodology of this course is very hands-on, role play-based and hinges on the identification of the need done by the Trainer wherein the tools that would be used in the workshop would be used in the real situations. 
Course Outline

Module 1: Negotiations Introduced

  •  Understanding Negotiations from Industry and specific role perspective
  •  Understanding the Three Phases of Negotiation
  •  Strengthening Negotiation Skills

Module 2: Negotiation Skill Basics

  •  The nature of negotiations – Opportunities and dangers
  •  Critical components underlying the negotiation process
  •  Understanding what drives the other party – VAK Patterns
  •  Success and failures in negotiations – Win-Win Mode

Module 3: Practical Negotiation Framework

  •  Seven elements to successful principled negotiations
  •  Negotiating with confidence using NLP Anchoring Process
  •  Tools for strengthening negotiating positions
  •  Guidelines for negotiating in different situations

Module 4: Handling Relationship Issues In Negotiations

  •  Building good working negotiation relationships
  •  Elements of dealing well with differences
  •  Reciprocity as a relationship-building strategy
  •  Putting Rapport Building (NLP) to Work to Your Advantage

Module 5: Negotiation Paradigms

  •  Recognizing different systems of negotiations
  •  Hard positional bargaining
  •  Choosing a system: pros and cons of different systems
  •  Principled negotiation dynamics

Module 6: Tactics For Handling Difficult Negotiators

  •  Handling difficult negotiators and situations
  •  Neutralizing hardball tactics
  •  Changing the game: Keeping difficult negotiators at bay
  •  Silence as a negotiation tool with NLP techniques?

Module 7: The Power Of Preparation

  •  Why the preparations are so important?
  •  Why negotiators are often unprepared?
  •  A systematic approach to preparation
  •  The 7 elements approach to preparation

Module 8: The Art of Negotiating

  •  Getting ready to negotiate
  •  Using and countering major strategies
  •  Reading using non-verbal communication – Eye Patterns
  •  Getting what you need
  •  Using questions and listening skills to control negotiations
  •  Evaluating negotiating and improve skills
  •  Controlling negotiation climate using NLP Techniques
  •  Breaking negotiation deadlocks

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