Power Personality - A Personality Development Programme
Who should attend?
This programme is suitable for junior to senior level employees in an organisation, across various functions.
2 days
Programme Overview
This programme deals with the dynamics of personality development and then proceeds to guide executives in comparing themselves to the ideal so that they become more aware of their personal handicaps. The programme strives to help participants realise their life philosophies, paradigms and perceptions, and discover how all these influence their present behaviour, success and happiness. Through this programme we expect to facilitate a paradigm shift, leading to the adoption of healthy coping mechanisms that will create strong personalities.
  • Understanding the importance of being “self-aware” 
  • Identifying the importance of Goal Setting & setting SMART goals
  • Describe a winning, pleasing personality and the winning qualities 
  • Explain how self – image affects one’s feelings, attitudes and behaviour 
  • Discover appropriate ­ways of becoming physically fit in order to stay healthy 
  • Understand the consequences and cause of having a win-lose or lose-win attitude 
Course Outline

Module 1: My Dream

Working with dreams through dream interpretation provides insights, unlike any other process. Dreams come from within each individual and are specifically created for the individual, by the individual’s own unconscious. In this regard, the process of working with dreams is unique to each individual. On a Professional Level, we help individuals manifest their dreams into reality through effective goal setting. This module stresses on making dreams come true through positive affirmations & Effective Goal Setting.

This Module answers the most intriguing questions:

  1. How to drive a Goal
  2. How to convert Dreams into Reality by living in the present

Topics Covered:

  •  My Goals & Expectations
  •  The Dream behind the Dream
  •  Making Smart choices
  •  What do SCHWAB really do
  •  Preparation to relive your Dreams (Goals)
  •  Dream Personality

Module 2: What makes a Winning Personality

The choices we make on a daily basis not only create our personality, but they determine how well we integrate into society. It takes a positive attitude and self-confidence to develop valuable life skills that help build self-esteem.

A winning personality is not something you acquire overnight, although some people are lucky enough to be natural charmers, with an easy-going, happy-go-lucky approach to life. 

This module would help answer some of your most sought after questions:

  1. What makes a Winning Personality
  2. What attitude & beliefs should we develop to be a winner?

Topics Covered:

  • Personality Defined
  • Determinants of Personality
  • How Personality is Developed
  • Corporate Theories on Personality Development - The Development Process
  • What Makes a Winner
  • Fruits of a Win-Win Attitude

Module 3: Building Self Esteem and Self Confidence

One must always be confident in the workplace to gain visibility and address situations or problems with positivity and dignity. To be successful one must have confidence and self-assurance at every level of your career. Every workplace has a culture and an environment where your confidence should be reflected, whether you are outside the workplace or inside. 

This Module answers the most sought after questions:

  1. ­What ­behaviours ­indicate ­self confidence?
  2. Difference between confidence and arrogance?

Topics Covered:

  • Self-awareness & Self-disclosure 
  • My SWOT Analysis
  • Indicators of a Positive Self Image 
  • Indicators of a Negative Self Image
  • The Development of Self Image and Self Esteem
  • Therapy for Wholeness and Wholesome Self Esteem 
  • Understanding the Proactive vs. Reactive approach

Module 4: Grooming & Body Language

Do you know how essential grooming and good body language are, and how would you describe a positive body language. Don’t you remember analysing a person’s body language and creating the first impression when you meet them?

It’s pretty much true that we can predict someone’s character through a thorough analysis of their personality. Good body language is very much essential to show your confidence to others and earn their respect and trust.

This module seeks to answer these sought after question: 

  1. How much of a person’s basic personality traits (for example, extrovert, introvert, anxiety-prone, laid-back, etc) can you tell from their body language?
  2. What’s the best handshake in the business environment?

Topics Covered:

  • Effective Handshakes
  • Demonstrate appropriate Office dress 
  • Mannerisms & Personal Habits
  • Body Language 
  • Tone of Voice
  • Gestures/Facial Expressions 
  • Hair Care and Inner Glow
  • Poise and Posture
  • Projecting a Professional Image

Module 5: Social Interactions/ Communicating at the Workplace

Workplace communication and Social Interaction is very important to companies because it allows employees to be productive and operate effectively. Employees can experience an increase in morale, productivity and commitment if they are able to communicate up and down the communication chain in an organization.

Research has shown that effective lateral and workgroup communication leads to an improvement in overall company performance.

This module answers the most sought after questions:

  1. How do we make workplace communication effective? 
  2. How do I listen attentively during a meeting?

Topics Covered:

  • Self Introductions 
  • Introducing people
  • Following Etiquette, while being introduced 
  • The right way of offering Visiting cards
  • Conversations with Internal Stakeholders 
  • Listening Effectively
  • It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it
  • Helpful reminders for polite and friendly responses 
  • How to answer unpleasant questions
  • Business Networking skills
  • How to interact with Seniors & Sub-ordinates in the team
  • Use of Emotional Intelligence in developing new business relationships

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