Stakeholder Management
Who should attend?
This programme is suitable for junior to senior level employees in an organisation, across various functions with specific roles like Business Enabling functions (HR, Finance, etc.), Project Teams, Key Account Managers, etc.
2 days
Programme Overview

People are most important in the complex ecosystem of interdependent parts of an organisation. So how do you build a close working relationship with your stakeholders in today’s world of information overload, fast-moving happenings and ever-changing office arena? How do you communicate effectively, have their ears and hearts, and affinity?

This course focuses on both improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all project-related communications, from initial planning through closure. It also examines best practices for identifying and engaging stakeholders, a critical component for a successful project.

  •  Better identify your organisation’s Stakeholders
  •  Manage their expectations through strong rapport and an enhanced working relationship
  •  Effectively communicate through identifying and overcoming communication barriers in a 2-way communication         environment
  •  Apply Stakeholder Relationship Management techniques to gain stakeholder's confidence and cooperation in new product roll-outs, news announcements, issues management and crisis, etc.
Course Outline

Module 1: Project Communication & Stakeholder Management - Project Communications Management

  •  Communication Dimensions
  •  Communication Skills
  •  Project Communication Management Processes
  •  Project Stakeholder Management Overview
  •  Project Stakeholder Management Processes
  •  Interpersonal Communications
  •  Take a Communications Strengths Inventory
  •  Communication Styles

Module 2: Identifying Stakeholders

  •  Identify Stakeholders 
  •  Stakeholder Analysis
  •  Stakeholder Classification Models
  •  Salience Model - Stakeholder Register

Module 3: Plan Communications Management

  •  Plan Communications Management 
  •  Communications Management Plan
  •  Common Project Management Communication Documents
  •  Communication Tools
  •  Create a Communications Management Plan
  •  Virtual Team Communications
  •  Virtual Teams Technologies
  •  Virtual Teams Best Practices

Module 4: Plan Stakeholder Management - Plan Stakeholder Management

  •   Stakeholder Management Plan Sample Content
  •   Create a Stakeholder Management Plan

Module 5: Control Communications and Stakeholder Management

  •  Performance Reporting
  •  Tracking Gantt Charts
  •  Worksheet Information
  •  Milestone Charts
  •  Bar Chart Graphs
  •  Control Stakeholder Engagement Overview

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