Step Up - An Advanced Leadership Programme
Who should attend?
This course is ideal for experienced people/ business managers especially at mid to senior levels who are expected to drive constant change and innovation through their people.
2 Days
Programme Overview
Are you a good manager or a great one? In fact, you have no choice but to become a great manager. How else can you create value in your organization and sustain it over time? How else can you engage your people and retain them? In a business environment characterized by higher degree of uncertainty and competition, fast-changing customer needs, less and less employee loyalty, more stringent government rules and regulations, you cannot afford but to be a great manager. This course elaborates on what it takes to become a great manager by focusing on two distinct managerial requirements: first developing business and economic acumen without which no manager can make value-adding decisions, and second by bringing out the best in people.
  • Manage tomorrow by making more informed decisions today that contribute to strengthening the organisation’s competitive advantage
  • Develop Business Acumen by applying managerial Economic Analysis and drive Business Impact
  • Apply in the Workplace Best Practices of great managers
  • Bring out the best in people by acting as a ‘Multiplier’ rather than a ‘Diminisher’
  • Turn into ‘Blue Ocean’ managers that are able to close the gap between the potential and the realized talent of people they lead

This is a course rich with new ideas, concepts, and practical skills. It uses a combination of effective techniques that participants will enjoy and appreciate - Case studies, Team exercises, Real life stories, Discussions and Video films.
Course Outline

Module 1: Step up management, what it really means

  • Achieving and sustaining high performance: A manager’s challenge
  • Traditional management functions
  • The 21st Century definition of Modern Management
  • The performance pyramid
  • New managerial roles and responsibilities
  • Value-Adding and Results-Driven managers

Module 2: Decision making: the essence of a manager’s role

  • Programmed and Un-programmed decisions
  • The classical Decision-Making model
  • Impact of risk and uncertainty on Decision Making
  • Steps in the Decision-Making process

Module 3: Value chain management and competitive advantage

  • The Value chain
  • Functional strategies and Competitive Advantage
  • Improving Responsiveness to Customers
  • Improving quality
  • Improving efficiency

Module 4: Developing business acumen and generating insights

  • Using Macroeconomic analysis for effective managerial planning and decision making
  • Using Microeconomic analysis for effective managerial planning and decision making

Module 5: What great managers do

  • Capitalizing on employee strength
  • Pull the triggers that activate employees’ strengths
  • Tailor coaching to unique styles
  • Motivate employees by fulfilling four drives that underlie motivation

Module 6: Bringing out the best in your people

  • The manager as a ‘Multiplier’, not as a ‘Diminisher’
  • What ‘Multipliers’ do differently
  • The five types of ‘Multipliers’ and ‘Diminishers’
  • Six guidelines to cultivate engaged employees

Module 7: Distinguish yourself: become a blue ocean manager

  • What good (not necessarily great) managers actually do
  • The Blue Ocean Manager grid
  • The four steps of Blue Ocean Management

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