Winning Presentation Skills
Who should attend?
This programme is suitable for junior to senior-level employees in the organisation across various functions.
2 days
Programme Overview

No matter how good or important a message is, if it’s not delivered interestingly and effectively, chances are it won’t be heard at all. Strong presentation skills can advance a career. In this programme, participants will learn how to conquer the podium and deliver presentations that get results. From dynamic introductions to powerful closings, participants will have an opportunity during this training to practice and refine their platform skills.

  • Identify the Four Essential Components of a Presentation 
  • Describe an Audience Analysis and why it is a needed step in a Presentation 
  • Organize Information in a Clear and Concise manner 
  • Create an Attention-Grabbing Introduction 
  • Implement techniques for varying Vocal Tones and Body Language 
  • Develop Strategies for handling Hecklers, Bullies, and Other Disruptive Participants
  • Point out the Benefits and Pitfalls of various visual-aid options and Audience Seating Arrangements 
  • Begin Implementing Goals created during the session

A variety of innovative techniques are used to trigger facilitated discussion and convey the programme ideas. The learnings from the workshop will be effectively explained through experiential learning making it fun and innovative. Special emphasis is laid on Self – Confidence, Motivation, Communication and Handling Stakeholders. On the first day, the participants will be encouraged to make a presentation on a topic of their choice and the same would be recorded and used while giving group feedback. This will also help participants understand their body language and make changes accordingly. Participants will be taken through various presentations from renowned CEO’s and Entrepreneurs to understand effective presentation styles.

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding Our Clients / Stakeholders

  • Understanding your Stakeholders
  • Importance of Tailoring your pitch to your client needs 
  • Importance of identifying the influencer & decision-maker during the meeting 
  • Understanding the “WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME” from your client standpoint 
  • Representing your Organisation

Module 2: Grooming & Etiquette Session

Client / Stakeholder Meet 

  • Introducing Self & others during the Presentation 
  • Effective Handshakes  Exchanging Business cards 
  • Understanding Body Language of Self & Audience before the Presentation 
  • Networking before the Presentation 
  • Personal Appearance & Grooming 

Module 3: Design a Presentation

  • Clarifying Objectives and Finding Information 
  • How to design a PowerPoint Presentation 
  • Understanding the use of colours & fonts during the Presentation 
  • Making Presentations on various subjects
  • Presenting to the Board of Directors 
  • Marketing Presentation 
  • Town Hall 
  • Understanding the Use of Animation 
  • Understanding the use of Graphs and Data for better impact 
  • Understanding the Sequence of a Presentation

Module 4: Delivering an Effective Presentation

  • Introduction to Effective Presentations 
  • What are the Effective Presentations? 
  • Presentation during a meeting (one to one) 
  • Presentation during a conference (one to many) 
  • Oral Presentation 
  • White Board Presentation 
  • Use of PowerPoint 
  • Techniques and Styles of Presentation 
  • Understanding different Presentation Styles 
  • Use of Alternative Methodologies in Presentation
  • Preparing for Presentation 
  • Clarifying Objectives and Finding Material 
  • Knowing your Audience 
  • Understanding your key Stakeholders 
  • Understanding the Presentation approach for New Sales, Existing Customers & New Product launch 
  • Preparing your Presentation 
  • Overcoming Psychological Barriers 
  • Dealing with Logistics and Knowing your Venue 
  • Rehearsing and getting ready for Audio Aids
  • Delivering A Presentation
  • Effectively Analyzing Appearance
  • Enhancing Body Image
  • Improving Your Voice
  • Controlling Nerves
  • Speaking Confidently
  • Time Management

Module 5: Effective Follow Up’s

  • Importance of a Thank you Email after a meeting
  • Trying to understand the Verbal Nod
  • Following up as the process of seeking Feedback
  • Effective use of Emails and Calls when following up 

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